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Get to Know Our Team


Philip Bury


Philip Bury is a 4th-year psychology major with a passion for helping others. He has been involves in multiple organizations and clubs such as TAMID, IFC, as well as Recreation and Wellness. He has worked to better the lives of his fellow students through a variety of channels. He has taken on this role to bring awareness to the issue of mental health on campus and is prepared to lead the Noah Hytken Memorial Fund and his well-qualified team to success.


Samantha Ruderman

VP External

Samantha Ruderman is a 3rd-year business marketing student in the Weber Honors College with incredible experience as the President for TAMID. She also founded the non-profit organization, You Matter Mission and is ready to take on this role at the Noah Hytken Memorial Fund


Brad Davito

VP Internal

Brad is a 4th year Finance Major at San Diego State University. He is President of the Gamma Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi and holds the Vice President position for the Inter-Fraternity Council at San Diego State University. Brad is excited to be a part of the Noah Hytken Memorial Fund for another year to share and build off of his ideas.


Ofek Suchard

VP Finance

Ofek Suchard is a 5th-year mechanical engineering student with significant experience managing finances. As the former President and Treasurer for Alpha Epsilon Pi and multiple other student organizations, there are few more qualified to handle this role and he is excited to help make a difference at the Noah Hytken Memorial Fund.

Anthony Leto

Director of Sponsorships

Alex Hoskins

Director of Broadcasting

Gabe Sheaffer

Director of Audio Performance

Tali Adri

Director of Staff

Lindsay Gaudette

CARE Team Captain

Tyler Ralls

Director of Professional Relations

George Kaplan

Contract Administrator

Jake Lindsay

Director of Fundraising/Tournament 


Benjamin Fernando

Greek Relations

Tejas Manjunath


Lucia Strnad

Director of Community Relations

Mickey Weissmann

Graphic Design

Taylor Bunch

Website Manager

Margot Ermer

Powderpuff Commissioner

Matt Miles

Mental Health Advocate

Lauren Slack

Secretary (Spring)

Sam Adame


Gabi Fernandez-Silva


Roxane Fournier

Director of Ticket Sales

Alexis Gallagher

Director of Marketing

Mira Kirkpatrick

Director of Scholarship

Nikki Dresen

Director of Apparel

Jonah Umans


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